Eric is an accomplished entrepreneur, product manager, and producer in the interactive product space. With extensive experience in the games industry, Eric has developed expertise in a multitude of disciplines. He founded his own game studio while in university, securing over €500,000 in investments. Additionally, Eric served as the COO at Steam Data Suite, sourcing more than €400,000 in angel investments to launch the business. The company was sold in December 2023. As a proponent of user-centric processes and Agile methodologies, Eric builds effective products and teams and is recognized for his transparent communication with all stakeholders. Through ForsVC and syndicates, Eric validates investment opportunities and provides valuable feedback to founders.

ForsVC 2021 — Ongoing

Venture Partner 2022 — Ongoing

Eric is responsible for validating investment opportunities at Belgium's €18 million venture capitalist gaming fund.

Member of the Expert Panel 2021 — 2022

Eric reviews investment opportunities and provides feedback.

Ronimo Games 2022 — 2023

Lead Producer

Eric was hired as Senior Producer at Ronimo, with the purpose of optimizing product and project management processes and increasing the overall quality of the studio's output.

Steam Data Suite (EXITED) 2019 - 2023

Co-founder & Shareholder 2019 — 2023

Steam Data Suite was sold in December 2023.

Co-founder & COO 2019 — 2022

Eric co-founded this analytics company and served as its COO for 2.5 years. He was responsible for designing and implementing procedures for many aspects of the company, including hiring, finance, investments, and implementing agile methodologies. Eric raised over €400k in investments to grow the success of the company.

Talespin 2017 — 2019

Senior Vice President of Product Management 2019 — 2019

Eric oversaw the direction and success of the enterprise product. These exist of VR and AR software for insurance and other clients. He steered the development efforts towards user-centric approach to add value for the clients.

Head of Talespin Studios 2018 — 2019

As Head of Talespin Studios, Eric led operations, production, and business development for Talespin’s entertainment division. Eric converted prospects into clients to generate revenue for the company while leading the operations.

Product Manager / Senior Product Owner 2017 — 2018

As the Product Manager, Eric was responsible for transitioning the team towards a recurring revenue model. He was also the product owner for multiple products.

Stolen Couch Games 2010 — 2021

Founder, CEO, Product Manager

A game development studio that focuses on games as a service. The titles that were released include Castaway Paradise and Castaway Home Designer. Eric was the company's leader for almost a dozen years until the studio was sunset.


  • Secured over €500.000 in VC investments
  • Released 6 multi-platform games with millions of downloads

Ronimo Games 2017

Consultant Product Manager

When Ronimo's hit game went free to play, the studio hired Eric to help the transition. He helped implement an actionable analytics solution and helped steer the product backlog to smoothly launch the game.

Green Light Bundle 2012 — 2015


The company promoted games to increase revenue for developers, by selling bundled software for a pay-what-you-want price.

Vanguard Entertainment Group 2010


Early in his career as a quality assurance specialist, Eric worked on a EA published console game.

Filmtheater 't Hoogt 2018 — 2022

Member of the Supervisory Board

As a member of the supervisory board, Eric monitored the management of the company.

Dutch Games Industry Slack 2015 — Ongoing


The largest community for game developers in The Netherlands. With over 1,000 active members and growing.

Games as a Service / Free to Play meetups 2015 — 2019


Developers come together to listen to lectures and share all revealing information about the performance of their products.

Utrecht School of the Arts 2007 — 2011

Art & Technology

Professional Scrum Master I

Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT)

Score: 97 percentile
Cognitive test

Webby Award nomination 2019

Shepard Fairey AR - Damaged
Art & Experimental

Product Management

  • Problem Solver
  • Agile / Scrum
  • User-centric design


  • Team Leader
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business development


  • Radical Candor
  • Transparent
  • Team player


  • Gaming
  • Making coffee
  • Networking

Applied Technology

  • VR/AR/MR
  • Data informed Design
  • Investments


  • Gaming
  • Cocktails
  • Minimalism

If you want sustainable growth and change to reach your company in a well structured, and timely manner, Eric is your man for the job. Working with him at Ronimo Games has shown me Eric is able to quickly and succinctly analyze a company's dynamic, and come up with a plan of action to radically improve both the day-to-day strategy, and the longer term. Eric's frankness about company issues that others are afraid to speak up over is a rare quality, and one that has allowed Ronimo to take leaps in terms of self sufficiency, agency, and maturity. I'd love to work with him in future endeavors.

— Koen Gabriëls, Lead Artists, Ronimo Games

I had the pleasure of working with Eric and his team on the concepting, design and launch of an app for one of our premiere properties at Nickelodeon. Eric’s account management skills and thought leadership are stellar - he always provides honest and strategic assessments when changes in scope or other challenges were encountered. The app is by far one of the slickest and high quality we have delivered to date and that is due to Eric and his team’s talent, standard for excellence and amazing attitude. I would love to work with Eric again and highly recommend him if you are looking for high quality work product and seamless day-to-day account management.

— Nicole Rivera Lebedowicz, Vice President, Global Franchise Planning at Nickelodeon

Eric is an excellent leader and an awesome colleague. Never afraid to voice his opinion, at all levels, but a good listener as well. His hands-on approach and influence on culture make his team deliver the best of their abilities. He is always there to coach if needed, and brings out the best of individuals. Eric is intelligent, a hard worker and up to date about the industry he is working in. He works structured and organized and never misses a deadline.

— Astrid Verheij, People and Operations Manager, Talespin

Eric has a clear image of what he wants to accomplish with his work. Strong minded, but never afraid to change plans if needed. He has an ability to quickly figure out complex things and thus a very good problem solver.

— Selma Oors, Stolen Couch Games

When I worked with Eric, he astonished me with his leadership skills, evergrowing knowledge, and tireless attitude. His emphasis on 'teamwork' is inspiring. I was able to deliver our projects successfully, thanks to his vision and hands-on approach. He took many initiatives on creating a healthy, well-organized, and transparent work environment for everyone, which I applaud. His sharp analytical mind compliments his sense of business and marketing, and he will make the tough calls if needed. Above all, he is honest, funny, and one of the smartest I know - I'd work with him again in a heartbeat.

— Astrid Huntjens, Producer Talespin

Belgian Game Industry Directory SaaS


Explore Belgian Game Companies! Delve into the heart of Belgium's gaming scene. Uncover a diverse array of developers, Publishers, and funding options.

Ronimo's unanounced fifth game Game

Lead Producer

I was the lead producer for Ronimo's fifth and most ambitious title, which has not yet been announced.

Steam Data Suite SaaS


A data analytics platform for game developers and publishers.

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Power Up! Mobile

Product Owner

An AR-controlled mobile game aimed at promoting the new TMNT cartoon series.

Shepard Fairey - DAMAGED Mobile, Gear VR. Vive, Oculus

Product Owner

VR and AR art exhibition featuring the works of Shepard Fairey.

Rampage VR Mobile, Desktop


The game puts the player in control of giant beasts to promote the release of the film.

Geostorm Mobile, Desktop

Product Manager

A turn-based puzzle game set in a world of devastating natural disasters.

Castaway Paradise Mobile, Desktop, Console

Designer, Product Owner

Free to play, subscription supported (and premium on some platforms) life simulator.

Castaway Home Designer Mobile

Designer, Product Owner

Spin-off game in the popular home decoration genre.

Ichi Mobile, Desktop


One button puzzle game includes level editor with over 100,000 user made levels.

LETRZ Mobile, Facebook, Web


Turn-based multiplayer word puzzle game.

Kids vs Goblins Mobile, Mac

Designer, Product Owner

Casual action RPG where kids have to save their baby brother from the evil goblin king. Apple's Editor's Choice.

Chime Multiplayer Desktop


Proof of concept for a multiplayer variant of an existing puzzle game IP.

Gatling Gears Consoles


Top-down shooter published by EA on consoles.

Awesomenauts Desktop, Consoles

Game designer

2D side scrolling MOBA that sold millions of copies.